Website & Social Media Team

The rapid advancement in technology in recent years has drastically changed the way people communicate with one another. In particular, the use of social media has greatly altered the current generation’s view of the world. However, these advanced forms of communication can also be extremely useful tools for evangelisation. The Website and Social Media Team aims to broaden the parish horizons by expanding into the digital world.

Chair of Website & Social Media Team: Ann Eyre | PH: 0432 421 962
Website Designer: Nicole Yap | PH: 0404 968 829
Social Media Administrator: Peter Webb | PH: 0468 496 802
Photographer/Videographer: James Webb | Instagram: @j.m.weaver
Logo Designer: Mary Yap

Administrators: Ann Eyre, Nicole Yap, Peter Webb
Gatekeepers: Ann Eyre, Nicole Yap, Peter Webb