SPRED – SPecial REligious Development

A SPRED group is a group of people both with and without intellectual disability, referred to respectively as ‘Friends’ and ‘Volunteers’, who journey together in small faith groups.

SPRED is a ministry of the Catholic Church and gives witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SPRED enables the Gospel invitation to ‘become fully human and fully alive’, and to become a reality in the lives of people with intellectual disability.

Anchored in the belief that every human being is created in God’s image and likeness and therefore valuable and worthy of respect, SPRED aims to nurture the spiritual, social and emotional well-being of people with intellectual disability by providing appropriate religious and catechetical experiences developed specifically to support their faith development.

Friendship is the context in which this occurs.

Time commitment:

The Sacred Heart SPRED Group meets in the Downs Room 26 times a year, every Monday evening, during term time only.

In addition to this there are four events each year which incorporate all the groups in Toowoomba; they are two SPRED masses, one Penitential Service and a Social.

What do we want volunteers to do?

SPRED is looking for people who are willing to form a friendship with someone who has an intellectual disability. Part of this commitment would be to become a faith companion to him/her by attending SPRED sessions and accompanying him/her to SPRED masses and events.

What skills and attributes are required?
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be willing to share his/her faith with others
  • Be able to make a commitment of two hours a week during term time
  • Have a desire to enable someone who has an intellectual disability the opportunity  for faith development

But perhaps the most significant thing you need is the ability to be a loving presence.

Contact: Lyn Jones (Sacred Heart SPRED Leader) | PH: 0409 481 338 | Email: lyn251@bigpond.net.au

SPRED Office: Loretta Coman (SPRED Coordinator) | PH: 4632 8427 | Email: spred@twb.catholic.org.au