Liturgy Committee

Committed to working towards more beautiful and reverent liturgies that instil a deep, instinctive sense of the sacred. This is done through the formation of lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers and other ministries throughout the parish and, above all, by encouraging music that is truly holy, beautiful and ennobling. We endeavour to remind the faithful of their obligations as Catholics and encourage them on their journey of faith, and ultimately to show the world that the Church holds the source of all truth, beauty, and goodness.  

LITURGY Committee prepare the Liturgy:

  • In the context of the Liturgical year (Ordo)
  • The Ritual Structure
  • In accordance with the Bishop’s Guidelines
  • According to the Texts – Sacramentary, Lectionary, Sunday Celebration of the Word and Communion
  • Keeping in mind Liturgical gesture, ritual and symbol
  • 5th Sundays and Special Feasts

The Liturgy team are responsible for:

  • Selecting the variable texts
  • Writing Introduction
  • Writing General Intercessions
  • Helping musicians choose suitable music
  • Preparing the worship space
  • Roster of ministers

The Liturgy Committee are responsible for coordinating the various ministries and organising formation and education from time to time:

  • Ministers of Hospitality
  • Music Ministry – Contacts: Peter Webb or George McDougall
  • Ministers of the Word
  • Special Ministers of Communion
  • Lay Leaders of Liturgy
  • Altar Servers
  • RCIA
  • Ministers of Consolation
  • Implementation of the New Roman Missal (GRIM)

They will ensure that the Ministries are carried out with a common understanding of the spirit and structure of the celebration and season.

Chair of Liturgy Committee: Isaac Webb
Secretary of Liturgy Committee: Ellen Morosini

The Liturgy Committee support and liaise with:

Parish Priest; Parish Pastoral Council; Baptism Team; Confirmation/Eucharist/Reconciliation Teams; Sacred Heart Parish School APRE.


Communion to the sick (Homes – Sundays):

Holy Communion is taken to those sick in their Homes by volunteers on a rostered basis.                  

Contact: Parish Office | PH: 4534 8488 | Email:

Communion to the Sick (St Andrews – Sundays):

Holy Communion is taken each Sunday morning by volunteers on a rostered basis, to those Catholics who wish to receive Holy Communion at St Andrew’s.                                                                                  

Contact: Parish Office | PH: 4534 8488 | Email: