Finance Committee

The role of the Parish Finance Committee is to oversee the parish finances and to advise the Parish Priest on financial and associated matters.  This committee considers capital expenditure matters, and also repairs and maintenance on parish buildings, grounds, and equipment etc.  At each meeting committee members are supplied with a current financial report.  Agendas and minutes are prepared for each meeting.

At present the Finance Committee meets on a monthly basis.

Ideally, members of this committee will have a reasonable understanding of business and financial matters.  It is a Diocesan requirement that some change in the makeup of this committee takes place every two years, and Fr Roque made some changes at the start of 2019.

Like the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Committee is an advisory group to the Parish Priest.

Money Counting Team

Team activities include counting of money from weekend collections.  There is a small amount of paperwork involved and getting the money collected to the stage where it can be banked.

At this point in time there are three groups that perform this duty, so the group is required every three weeks for approximately 1 and half hours.  One group counts Sunday evening the other two groups count Monday morning.  No special skills required, helpful if you are able to work in a team involvement.