Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Priest: Fr Roque Maguinsay
Acting Chairperson: Peter Harbort – 0418 799 440
Secretary: Mike Pyke  
Other Members: Therese Swain, Winton Thorley, Isaac Webb, Annamaria McGregor, School Reps: Tryonne Maher (Principal) & Jim Wren (APRE)


A Pastoral Council consists of the Parish Priest together with a group of parishioners either chosen by the parish community, and/or nominated by the Parish Priest. The Pastoral Council’s role is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in our world. The Pastoral Council shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community, working together with parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ.


A Pastoral Council seeks to: 

  • enrich the quality of parish life
  • provide opportunities for parishioners 
    a) to grow in holiness 
    b) to discover and live out a personal and community call to mission to live as Catholics who effectively transform society.

In order to fulfill its role, the Pastoral Council will:

  • search out and respond to the hopes, ideas, needs and concerns of parishioners
    grow in knowledge and awareness of what is already happening in the parish
  • encourage and support the good work of existing groups within the parish
  • evaluate carefully information gathered in order to contribute towards the making of decisions that reflect the values of the gospel and the teachings of the Church
  • set long-term and short-term pastoral goals for the parish
  • provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and with each other
  • develop, implement & improve parish initiatives to assist parishioners’ continuing efforts to live as effective Christians in society.

By way of explanatory note, pastoral issues, the core concern of the Parish Pastoral Council, are those that impact on the life of parishioners in the areas of:

  • integration of their faith into everyday life – home, work, community
  • nourishment and support of their faith as they strive to live as faithful disciples of Jesus
  • outward focus for the development of an alive Christian community, actively engaged in Jesus’ mission of service and influence in the wider world

(Reference – Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference 2007)