The land on the corner of North and Tor Streets was purchased by the Catholic Church in 1947 for £500.

At that time, the Wilsonton area was still part of the Holy Name, North Toowoomba Parish and under the guidance of Fr Edward Concannon, the Parish Priest.  He agreed to build Sacred Heart Church on its present site.  The Church was built by Jack Fitzpatrick after the plans were drawn up by Brian Hodgen.  The Church was officially blessed by Bishop Brennan on May 10th 1964 and opened in November the same year.  The spiritual needs of the Parish continued to be ministered to by the Priests from Holy Name Parish.

This Parish was the sixth and last Parish erected by Bishop Brennan during his Episcopate and was officially formed in 1974. Father Syd Kattie was appointed as the first Parish Priest.  At the time, there was no Presbytery and Fr Kattie resided at Holy Name Presbytery.  

Fr Syd Kattie commenced the building of the Presbytery. This building was termed a Parish Centre as it also provided space for Parish meetings and activities. Fr Kattie was transferred to Stanthorpe before the building was officially opened.  

Bishop Kelly blessed and opened the Parish Centre on 22nd August 1976 with Fr Pat Kelly as the Parish Priest.

Sacred Heart Church was opened in 1964 by Bishop Brennan.

Fr Pat Kelly was Parish Priest from 1976 to 1986.  Fr James Byrne was Parish Priest from 1982 until 2014.

Fr Roque Maguinsay was appointed Parish Administrator in December 2013 and is now the Parish Priest.

Feb 12th 1968 – Sacred Heart School was opened with 22 children in the wooden and fibro building which was purchased from the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. It was blessed by Fr E Concannon, the Parish Priest of Holy Name. The building was extended by volunteers to house 1 & 2 Graders in 1969-70. There were no nuns until Fr Pat Kelly was able to obtain the services of Sister Evangeline, a Sister of Mercy. Prior to that, nuns would come from Holy Name for Religious Instruction.

1977 saw the opening of the first of three new school buildings. The last one, the Upper Primary, was opened in 1985. The Church was extended in 1994 with a new tabernacle, new church doors, stained glass windows and statue of the Sacred Heart.

The previous tabernacle had been stolen. Apparently, the person thought that it was a safe, where the parish valuables were kept. Until a new one was made, Fr Byrne had the use of a tabernacle from the Ursuline Convent. The statue of the Sacred Heart was donated by Mrs. Doherty, in memory of her husband, Jim, who was killed in an accident. Jim was the father of Angela Eastwood who is, at present, in a nursing home in Clifton.

The Church extensions were blessed by Bishop William Morris on 10th June 1994. 

Our Parish Priest:
Fr Roque Maguinsay from PACEM Ministries

Father was born in Gingoog City in the Philippines.

Prior to entering the seminary, Father was, for 7 years, a state school teacher to Grade 5 students.

Father entered the PACEM Seminary in 1993. PACEM is a religious community of priests whose charism is evangelisation and building communities. Father has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

In 2003, Father was, for 2 years, Parish Priest at St Monica’s Alburquerque, followed by 4 years as Parish Priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Bohol, Philippines.

Father was a Hospital Chaplain for 2 years in Tagbilaran, prior to his coming to Australia in May 2012.

He was assigned by Bishop McGuckin, Bishop of Toowoomba, to Sacred Heart Parish, Toowoomba to work with Fr James Byrne as Assistant Priest.

In 2013 Father was appointed Administrator of Sacred Heart Parish and was appointed Parish Priest in 2014.

In September 2018, Father was delighted to become an Australian citizen.

Father’s interests are music, songwriting, singing and dancing.